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Feature of United OSD®
Feature of United OSD®
As one of the largest screw air compressor manufacturer and quality air solution, SUNC produce energy-saving, high-efficiency, durable and low noise products for our customers. With the scientific management of ERP system, accurate manufacturing, strict testing, SUNC passed not only ISO9001, ISO14001 system Certification, but manufacturing license issued by Authorities of China, certificate of creditability issued by major banks in China and achievement certificate of International Excellent Brand awarded by the International Trademark Association. As the Top 5 Private Enterprises of screw air compressor in China, the successful factors of SUNC are the perfect combination of our unremitting efforts and advanced Tech globally.

1、Integrative Box Structure

A UNITED OSD® screw air compressor incorporates mechanics, electronics, air flow and cooling (including after-cooling) together, with finished whole subassembly and packaged units passing through strict computer testing according to the rated technology standard data before ex works. Testing items include operational data and alarm & protection system. SUNC ensures that every machine supplied is of safety, reliability and running in order. Special base is unnecessary for installation with easy moving Installation and maintains at jobsites. Configured standard boxes would make sure that noise level is lower when the machine group is running, giving you more flexibility when you are setting out to mount an air compressor.

2Advanced system providing excellent function
The successful factors of UNITED OSD® come form its simple structure, less moving subassembly, more service room for maintains. Depending on strict procurement system domestically and globally, UNITED OSD® compressor use latest advanced subassembly to minimize piping , connections and oil leakage. The connections are 30% less than similar products, optimizing its running efficiency and maintains.  UNITED OSD® features with simple, clean, effective and reliable.

3Air end –main frame
International Excellent Brands awarded by the International Trademark such as GHH RAND of Germany,Tamrotor of Finland, Rotocomp of Germany. As most mature advanced air end manufacture in the world are regonzed worldwide GHH RAND in particular in China.
1)        Latest rotor profile 5/6 lobe design.
2)        Applied couple taper rolling bearing at discharge end, even line load prolongs itslife span. With best SKF bearings.
3)        Coolant collective slot designed at the air end shaft seal prevent friction from start instantaneous, increase the durability of the air end.
4)        3-course lip mechanical sealing and non-return orifice on shaft seal completely eliminate the coolant leakage. Profile 1﹕1 lobe design applied in units above 90KW don’t have plus-speeds gear. Lower rotating speed of air end cuts down friction noise, extent air end lifetime. 
5)        Elastic coupling of high-tech compact material lower the vibration, noise and friction between spare parts, offset the deviation of couplings.

4High efficient quality motor
Motors configured on UNITED OSD screw air compressor are entrusted to specialized motor factory to manufacture according to high-level requirement, supported on heavy SKF imported bearings. Consistent grease charging point is set on the outer shell of bearings at both ends of motors, convenient for maintenance; embody the humanization of the design to full range. Design protection level of motors is IP54, higher than IP23 mostly applied by other suppliers. Insulation level is F grade and is assessed by B level. Since its higher designed protection level keeps dust and moisture from falling into motor. Efficiency and the lifetime of motors is extended.

5、EPC Intelligent computer control system EPC
The control system mounted on a UNITED OSD screw air compressor is microcomputer control system, running automatically and intelligently, detecting living data such as exhaust pressure within set parameter, thus outputting a stable pressure value at repeat startup. Hence, a stable pressure is guaranteed and energy is saved. All jobsite faults could be displayed and treated during operation, ensuring that the compressor runs reliably up to the hit and increasing its lifetime.

6、Control system for saving energy and air inputs
Inlet valves are mounted on Suction of air compressor to control air output. UNITED OSD® compressor is equipped with original imported inlet valve with the latest design. System integrates several control solenoid valves of air compressor together; minimizing control pipelines in air compressor
UNITED OSD® inlet valves include a check valve. When air compressor stops or suddenly wear out air supply, the check valve keeps close to prevent compressed air from returning and avoid resulting in oil vomit. By control of inlet control valve, computer control system and pressure sensors, UNITED OSD® compressor could provide twain air flow control mode (ON/OFF) and continuous air flow control mode (10%-100%) to fully meet user’s requirement for different air flow.
The major advantages of inlet valves of UNITED OSD® compressor is that adjustable equipment can adjust discharge pressure at 1.5 bar automatically when the load is void and that idling power is reduced significantly and energy is cut down by 24% when compared with other similar products (system pressure is 4.5 bar). In addition, since discharge pressure of the machine group only is 1.5bar under unloading condition, differential pressure between air input and air discharge falls, axial force also declines, bearing load is alleviated and the lifetime of bearings is increased.

7、Advanced simple integrated module
UNITED OSD® assembled valves integrated thermostat valve, Minimum pressure valve(MPV), oil separator(second fine separating , oil filter and access orifices on oil separator, minimizing leakage with smallest working room , weight and connections, ensure the quality of the compressed air through the reasonable of inner construction setting  of oil separator. Double filtration setting increases the efficiency, lower the cost.

8、High efficiency heavy-load  suction filter
Suction filter configured by UNITED OSD screw air compressor is adapted to mechanical equipment industry and is of high efficiency. With a quality imported filter element, to all functions of the system are assured and its lifetime is prolonged, while maintenance and replacement of the air filter and elements is still very easy and doesn’t need any tool.
Using centrifugal principle, Pre-filtering is carried out by centrifugal force after air entered into the outer cover of the air filter tangentially. Large area of the filter element makes its life-time longer and makes air pressure difference lower. High-efficiency filtering accuracy makes filtering efficiency up to

9、Excellent cooling system
1) Air cooler(optional)
Both air cooler and water cooler are optional for customer, especially water cooler , which enjoys a more rational layout and scientific design,together with the corrosive-resist quality cooling fan on the top of the box, maintain a low temperature in the box, improve the stability running duty condition of the compressor.
2) Water cooler(optional)
Big cooling fan provide a high efficient ambient duty condition, thus assure the quality of suction air and low level inner temperature , lifetime of cooler and replacement intervals of maintenance.
3)Super coolant oil

10、Vibration and noise decreasing structure

The structure that motor, air end and air/oil separator are mounted on the same base greatly improve the stability and rigid of the driving system. Rubber shock absorption mat design minimizes the vibration and noise of start-up.

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