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Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting table


Possible Causes


Compressor cannot start.
1. The fuse is burnt.
2. Malfunction of start-up of electrical equipment.
3. Ill connection of start-up of button.
4. Ill connection of circuit.
5. Voltage is too low.
6. Malfunction of motor.
7. Malfunction of air end. (Abnormal noise and feel part of the air end too hot.)
8. Lack phases of power supply.
9. Overload of fan motor.
Ask qualified electrician for overhaul and replacement.
Running current is high. The compressor stops by itself.
(Alarm due to excessive hot of Air end )
1. Voltage is too low.
2. Discharge pressure is too high.
3. Jam of oil-air separator core.
4. Malfunction of air end.
5. Malfunction of circuit.
1. Ask electrician for overhaul.
2. Check/regulate pressure parameters.
3. Replace with new pats.
4. Disassembly, examine and repair.
5. Ask electrician for overhaul.
Discharge temperature is lower than normal level.
1. Invalidation of thermostatic valve.
2. A long time in vacancy of ON.
3. Invalidation of discharge temperature sensor.
4. Invalidation of suction valve, suction inlet does not open fully.
1. Examine, repair and clean or replace valve core.
2. Increase air consumption.
3. Examine and replace.
4. Clean and replace.
Discharge temperature is too high to stop the compressor automatically
1. Lack of Lubricate condensate.
2. Wrong type and Spec. of lubricate condensate.
3. Jam of oil filter.
4. Jam or heavy dirt of oil cooler.
5. Malfunction of the thermostatic sensor.
6. Invalidation of thermostatic valve.
7. Too many dusts accumulate in the fan and cooler.
8. Motor of fan doesn’t work.
1. Inspect and supplement [1]  lubricate condensate.
2. Replace with new condensate according to requirements.
3. Use new subassemblies.
4. Examine and clean.
5. Use new subassemblies.
6.Examine, clean, replace with new subassemblies
7. Disassemble and clean, blow off and dry
8. Examine circuit and motor of fan.
Discharge too much oil in compressed air
1. Core of oil-air separator broken.
2. Jam of valve.
3. Too much lubricating condensate.
1. Use new subassemblies.
2. Clean the valve.
3. Discharge part of oil.
Air flow is blow normal level.
1. Jam of air filter.
2. Jam of oil-air separator core.
3. Blowby of electromagnetic valve.
4. Leakage of pipeline.
5. Belts skid and loose.
6. Suction valve cannot be open fully.
1. Remove impurities or use new subassemblies.
2. Use new subassemblies.
3. Clean out or use new subassemblies.
4. Examine and repair.
5. Use new subassemblies and tighten belts.
6. Clean out or use new subassemblies.
Oil return from the air filter after stop.
Invalidation of spring or sealed ring is broken.
Replace broken subassemblies.
Safety valve puff away.
1. Safety valve runs too long.
2. Invalidation of pressure control and working pressure is too high.
1. Use new subassemblies or regulate again.
2. Examine or regulate it again.


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