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Liverpool pay attention to product quality optimal resistance won "Shanghai famous brand product" title - open technology innovation and improve the quality new chapter

     The 2011 January 28, Shanghai optimal rafa compressor Co., LTD with resistance outstanding product quality, AAA grade enterprise integrity and good social image, released in Shanghai famous brand recommended committees in the 2010 annual Shanghai famous brand list, opens the optimal list rafa resistance build China air compressor first brand new chapter.

     "Shanghai famous brand" is to encourage and support the city of Shanghai enterprise implementation of brand strategy, and speed up the formation of batch of with independent intellectual property rights and name brand, the international competitive advantage enterprise, in order to promote the steady development of the Shanghai industry fast every year through a policy that small number of enterprise evaluation. To obtain the enterprise must be recognized in society with high visibility and satisfaction, strong capability of independent innovation, market share, better economic returns, high quality, social image good, development prospect is good, the leading position in freelancers basic characteristics. In this sense, famous brand is the quality of proof, is the product conforms to the market need comprehensive mark; Famous brand is synonymous with the oral traditions, is the enterprise image and enterprise honesty get social approval certificate.

     Shanghai famous brand is achieved a result, it is a start. To us it once the efforts and achievements given certain meanwhile, inspiring us toward a higher quality objectives and innovation goal line, we'll take this as a starting point, unceasingly diligently, continue to innovate and beyond, the realization enterprise innovation level, manufacturing level, management level and marketing level of overall improvement!




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